We are a social enterprise passionate about empowering ethnic minority individuals with leadership and enterprise skills
Through our activities, we have become the link between our extensive network of Ethnic Minority entrepreneurs (or potential entrepreneurs) and the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem.
One of our goals is to uncover valuable information through robust monitoring and evaluation protocols so we can assist to drive policy change in support of the Ethnic Minority community.

At Dechomai we receive people with

Open Arms

Open Hearts

Open Mind

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The organisation was founded by Bayile Adeoti, a social entrepreneur and hospitality industry expert, after realising the need for more female role models and entrepreneurs from Ethnic Minority origins.
Our mission is to stimulate a vibrant entrepreneurship eco-system within Ethnic minority communities

Our Values are:

Community, Equality, Collaboration, Empowerment

Dechomai is actively pursuing the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Topics Include:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Enterprise

To partner with us, please fill in the contact form (which can be found under "Contact") or send us an email at info@dechomai.co.uk.



The Dechomai ARISE Incubator course is available to Black and ethnic minority women in the UK who'd like to learn more about entrepreneurship and develop their start-ups.



Aurora has been designed for anyone who is looking to build their entrepreneurial mindset and gain a better understanding of business as a whole and how to develop their idea into a venture.

Our vision statement:

Become the leader of business education and support for Black and Ethnic Minority entrepreneurs as well as play a key role in growing the diaspora of Black and Ethnic Minority businesses in the UK and worldwide through key partnerships and expertise.

Our mission statement:

Stimulate a vibrant entrepreneurship eco-system within Ethnic minority communities.