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Bayile Adeoti


Bayile has a passion in seeing people realise their full potential. At any given opportunity Bayile is entertaining people over food in her home, local cafés or restaurants.

“Food brings people together and breaks down barriers. I believe we all have the power to bring people together. Part of our work at Dechomai is to create a table of opportunities and invite as many people to join us”

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Lushomo Hamukoma

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Lushomo is our Social Media and Marketing Assistant. She has a background in working with startups and charities to strategically promote products and build online engagement.

In her spare time, you will find her behind the camera or buried in a book.


Kojo Amoyaw-Osei

Strategy and Sustainability Expert

Kojo has the task of ensuring that Dechomai remains financially sound, environmentally relevant, and socially responsible.

He is experienced in business development and strategy for businesses with strong social and environmental impact as well as not-for-profits. His experience cuts across many sectors including hospitality, infrastructure, and waste management.

Away from work, Kojo is either inspiring the next generation, listening to soul-stirring music or contemplating the next business idea.